I approached Chris Lupo in need of a coach. As a competitive crossfit athlete training can get monotonous after repeatedly intensive workouts everyday. Although crossfit is my passion sometimes you need extra exercises and a strong coaches eye to personalize your programming. Though seemingly small at first, the tips and ideas Chris has given me have created a whole new level to my fitness. Now I am learning to address weaknesses and previous injuries in a constructive way rather than powering through and reaping the havoc on my body later. One thing I have found to truly appreciate about Chris is his sincere devotion and understanding of my goals. He is the kind of person who makes you believe in yourself and push yourself because you know he believes in you too. This is the kind of trainer I would recommend for every athlete.
— Carrie Dudley
I have never had a better, more knowledgable trainer in my life. I got connected with Chris a couple of months ago and asked if he could help me put on weight. He wrote out a very detailed workout regimen for me and gave me a loose diet plan since I was already doing pretty well with my nutrition. Within 13 days I was floored by how much different my body looked and felt and how much more I was able to lift. I have put on 12lbs so far and have been following his program for about 6 weeks. Couldn’t be more satisfied with what I’m seeing!!
— James McLeod
Chris barely even knew me when his wife, Lisa Lupo, connected us back in March of 2014. I had basically ran into a stale mate with my traditional exercise and nutritional regimen. After a brief, but informative conversation concerning my dilemma, Chris immediately offered his assistance by completely re-structuring my nutritional program and fitness training through utilizing his extensive knowledge in Sports Performance. He provided me with a detailed exercise program and easy to follow nutritional regimen and constant “ Support” Texting and calls. By following Chris’s instructions to the “T”, I’ve been able to exceed my wildest expectations! I lost 62 lbs, went from 30% body fat to 7% and shed 10 inches off my waist in only 6 months! Now at the age of 40, I’m able to live a healthy and active lifestyle thanks to Chris. I’ve been involved with athletic training for over thirty years and Chris is by far the best Coach I’ve ever had, and he is without a doubt a key player in the success of my journey. In my opinion, Chris Lupo is one of the best in the business!
— Jason Olivari